Nice! I’m seeing more of this marketing integration and learning so much about it recently.. I think I’ve done some without knowing it… going to networking events and making people tweet my company & URL… that’s integrating marketing, right?


by Ed Weiss

… Does a painter paint? Talk among yourselves.

Every blog in my Branding series discusses how branding is a process and not a quick fix. My advice to readers is to have a core principle at the heart of their message and the way they conduct their business. OK, so you get it. Now, how do you make it work? Enter, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), one of the keys for getting your message to your target audience.

Defining IMC:

Part one – You need to have graphicconsistency throughout every communication emanating from your organization. This includes your print materials, ads, stationery, business cards, blog site, Twitter or Flickr page, trade show displays, and anything bearing your company name.

Part two – You need to have messageconsistency throughout every communication emanating from your organization. While I could have combined parts one and two I needed to…

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